about me.
21 June 2015

Hello. My name is Lauren. I have just moved to Bristol (after having spent most of my life in Western Australia), with my husband and our (glorious) cats. I love floral patterned things in all shapes and sizes, I say hello to every animal I meet, and I am addicted to full stops. My laugh is often frighteningly loud, especially if you’ve just told a joke with a really bad pun in it.

I shoot people in love for a living. But I shoot people creating for myself. There is nothing more inspiring to me than to watch someone work with their hands, to make something from nothing, to follow their passions. I love to document creatives as they create, as well as the spaces they have built around them.

I shoot all of my work on a medium format camera, on black and white film. To me, shooting without colour allows the photo to focus more upon the creative person and their process, more so than the art itself.

To stay up to date with my work, find me on instagram: @laurenjaynehall (though following me on instagram mostly means staying up to date with the exploits of my cats). If you want to get in contact about collaborating on some work, or just send me some photos of your pets, please send me an email: laurenjhall (at) gmail.com


photo by glenn weaver \\ shot on 3000b polaroid film